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With Dynamics CRM 2015 coming out soon, it’s time to look at your existing CRM solution and compare what it provides you against what you really need. Industry analysts list only two CRM solutions as being true leaders in the industry; those being Salesforce and Dynamics CRM. So what do these solutions provide that lesser CRM systems can’t? With the new Sales Productivity Bundle being offered by Microsoft, you have everything you need, all in one package.

Top Functionality to look for in a CRM for 2015:

For Sales:

  1. Document and track leads
  2. Insights and dashboards for sales pipeline visibility
  3. Sales process management, from lead to a closed deal and beyond

For Marketing:

  1. Lead generation and nurturing capabilities
  2. Dashboards and reporting on campaigns
  3. Smooth hand-off of Sales Qualified Leads to the sales team

For Customer Service:

  1. Provide multi-channel case ticketing system
  2. Share knowledge and assign resources to provide exceptional response to customer issues
  3. Proactive approach to inform customers of upcoming products/services or contract renewals

For Operations and Decision Making:

  1. Access to a comprehensive view of your business through dashboards and flexible reports
  2. Customizable alarms and notifications so you can react quicker to make important decisions
  3. Multi-level evaluation of employee performance for employee evaluations and reviews

With the Microsoft Dynamics Sales Productivity bundle, including Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Power BI leading organization can have a more productive 2015 by keeping processes streamlined, lowering lead to close costs and raising customer satisfaction and retention. Join us for a live webinar and learn more.

“Zero In, Win Faster and Sell More with Microsoft’s Sales Productivity Bundle”
December 11th at 4 pm GDT / 11 am EDT / 8 am PDT
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaker: Donna Coxon


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Listening , a social listening and analytics tool which allows you to trawl over social media channels to engage with customers and prospects

Social Listening helps you;

  • understand what customers are saying about your brand and products,
  • understand the number of conversations about the things you are tracking
  • understand what your competitors are saying
  • understand what social channels customers are talking about your products on to help you focus your marketing campaigns

So why do you need to think about Social Listening?

Although it varies greatly with product complexity and market maturity, today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their journey before they reach out to the vendor.  – Forrester

By using Social Listening for campaign tracking you can determine what people are saying, people are brutally honest on social media and you are able to glean honest and immediate responses and react to those

Watch this short video to see how the Social Listening capabilities in Dynamics CRM enable you to listen to customer sentiment and deliver the information your customers are looking for.

So what’s next? Talk to Us to learn more about how leading organisations are improving their lead generation effectiveness and increasing sales by staying in better touch with their audience and leveraging the power of Dynamics CRM

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