Industry analysts list only two CRM solutions as being true leaders – Salesforce and Dynamics CRM.

And with the new Sales Productivity Bundle from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, you have everything you need, all in one package, at a much lower cost than an existing Salesforce solution. Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to switch from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Why move?

You want better user adoption – an organization’s staff can tend to lose focus when CRM isn’t integrated and it gets used for a single purpose.

You want a lower cost platform – lowering your costs means savings can be reinvested in other projects and technology.

Make life easier for your staff so they can spend time on activities that cut costs and increase revenue – “Is your CRM as easy as email?” Microsoft Dynamics CRM works natively with Microsoft Office suites, ensuring that people can interact with CRM through tools they know and use every day.

Spend less but get more – get the same functionality and more but spend less when combining the power of the Microsoft products together: Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Power BI.

Integrate your CRM with your other business platforms – it offers an opportunity to integrate with your other platforms including SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange and Lync

How to move?

Integration costs. As a business-critical application, your CRM will need to exchange data with other applications throughout your business. The costs of integration projects are not insignificant, particularly if yours originate from a range of vendors. Whereas provides an API for integration that will “do the job”, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a full event-driven integration framework where developers can insert custom business logic and extensions and build a high-scale and reliable integration service. We are able to offer you a significant contribution towards your implementation costs to move,  this is funded by Microsoft and only available to our customers. Microsoft have nominated Zero2Ten as a Salesforce switcher partner with expertise in migration and integration.

For more information If you wish to speak to us about migrating to Microsoft Dynamics, please contact us today

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Microsoft solutions are powerful, flexible, integrated-by-design and designed to help your salespeople deliver amazing customer experiences to close more deals, faster.

Have you looked at the Microsoft Sales Productivity Solution for Manufacturing for your organization?

The key to manufacturing today is speed and agility. In an increasingly competitive global economy, manufacturers need to quickly respond to new markets, continually gain operational efficiencies and adapt to changing regulations.

Our manufacturing customers tell us that their customer expectations are increasing and as the supply chain becomes more demand driven, shorter time to market will translate to growth. Companies are moving from top down innovation to collaborating on new products with their customers, suppliers and employees.

Zero2Ten are Microsoft’s Manufacturing Industry Partner selected for our vertical market expertise and the solutions we have created to enable CRM to be integrated with all common ERP systems including: Dynamics AX & NAV, Oracle, Sage, SAP, Infor and more

Learn how the solution can help your organization Zero In, Win Faster and Sell More, contact us today to learn more



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