Why do I need a CRM?

by Connor Jordan on October 20, 2014


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Have you asked yourself this question recently? Have your colleagues been discussing it as well? A quick internet search can provide you with plenty of websites outlining the features and benefits of implementing a CRM solution. However, it’s not so much a question of IF you need a CRM, but rather a question of WHY you need a CRM that will help with the research and selection of the CRM solution to best fit your needs.

Reasons why you need a CRM Solution for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

CRM for Sales

  • Take control of your sales pipeline – with direct control over the initial phases in a customer’s buying decision process, your sales reps will be able to devote appropriate focus at each stage and move more prospects down the pipeline.
  • Get to a buying decision faster – whether a yes or a no, it’s important to move prospects along the process or have them drop out of the pipeline so reps can focus on selling to those who are interested in buying.

CRM for Marketing

  • Align your efforts with prospects’ needs – By properly identifying, segmenting and nurturing prospects based on their interest and time frames, your marketing results will improve dramatically and provide excellent ROI.
  • Assist Sales with plans and decisions – with much better data regarding the forthcoming leads and expected pipeline, marketing can help sales plan accordingly further increasing process efficiencies and revenues.

CRM for Customer Service

  • Increase customer retention – by knowing more about customers and their needs, you can address their concerns and be more proactive with regard to resolving issues and keeping customers happy. Happy customers are much easier to retain.
  • Share the knowledge for better decision making – with better, more relevant, timelier information about customer issues you can help Marketing improve their campaigns and help Sales recognize pain points and offer appropriate solutions.

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