Zero2Ten and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - MADE to build your business

Make every interaction with your customers count!

Employees interact with customers and prospects hundreds of times a day. Many of these connections could be more effectively communicated or shared with the organization. CRM allows you and your team to:

  • Leverage marketing email templates.
  • Correlate sales team activity and pipeline / sales performance.
  • Track communications critical to teammates.
  • "Status" deals, issues and key accounts to keep teammates up to date.

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Optimal Forecast Accuracy

Employees interact with customers and prospects hundreds of times a day. Many of these connections could be more effectively communicated or shared with the organization. CRM allows you and your team to:

  • Update quota and performance visibility to drive the right behaviors.
  • Manage the sales pipeline with a consistent, commitment-centric approach.
  • Leverage qualitative and quantitative pipeline metrics.
  • Manage sales rep and sales manager forecasting for more accurate projections.

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More Informed Professionals

Managers continually make decisions that impact their teams' performance. CRM gives them real-time insights into the key metrics so they can make decisions based on quantifiable information versus gut feel.

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Respond to the best leads!

One of the top reasons for not making a sale is being unresponsive to the first point of contact. CRM helps your team:

  • Respond to leads or inquiries instantly.
  • Route leads to the right team members immediately and notify them in real time.
  • Qualify leads more efficiently using your organization's best practices.

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Balanced Account Management

Customers are your number one priority. CRM helps account managers stay on top of critical customer interactions and issues with:

  • Instant notification when a new service issue comes up.
  • An efficient way to "status" key account activity for team members.
  • Assessments of pipeline health relative to order history by integrating CRM and backend financial systems.
  • Access to client credit ratings.

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X-Sell and upsell with your customers and partners.

A key objective for most organizations is to grow their share of business with current customers. Staying on top of customers' business needs allows you to position the right solutions and services when and where they need them. CRM facilitates this with:

  • The ability to see real-time feeds of news, people changes and organizational challenges.
  • Structured follow-up based on customer tier or segment.

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Eliminate and streamline your admin work so you free up more time to sell!

The more prepared your sales teams are to sell, the more likely they will meet prospect and customer needs. CRM helps your team:

  • Better prepare for customer discussions with a summary of all interactions between your organization and your customer; no surprises!
  • Automate administrative tasks to free up hours of time so they can concentrate on selling.

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Look at your sales pipeline from every angle to increase close rates.

Every organization wants to deliver more quality leads to fill the sales funnel. CRM increases your ability to:

  • Better qualify and profile new leads.
  • Target communications to educate prospects and elicit interest in your products and services.

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Empower every team member with the best information possible so that everyone becomes a customer service rep!

Customer complaints and inquiries are inevitable; how you deal with them determines customer satisfaction and loyalty. An efficient CRM system enables your team to:

  • Prioritize and route questions and issues to the right people more quickly.
  • Resolve issues quicker and with higher quality responses.

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Leverage your investment in CRM to help streamline other operational processes – FAST!

Your organization can benefit from improving or speeding up processes and workflow. CRM gives you the tools to:

  • Improve processes and internal notifications of activities such as expense tracking, asset tracking and collateral management.
  • Report on and see the status of business processes, results and performance.

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